What to Do when You Run out of Storage Space

Storage Space

What to Do When You Run Out of Storage Space

As we get older and accumulate more items, it’s not uncommon for us to experience a shortage of storage space within our homes or apartments. Eventually, over time, our cabinets, closets, and even basements can become cluttered and filled with items we no longer use or need. If you can relate to this, this article is for you.
Below, we’ve listed a few ways to help you deal with completely filled storage areas within your home or apartment in an attempt to reduce the clutter and offer the freedom for additional space for future items down the road.

Reorganize Your Belongings

As time goes by and the number of items we have accumulates, organization typically tends to fly right out the window. One of the first things would like to recommend is to reorganize everything that you have. Truth be told, there may be an opportunity for you to organize certain items more efficiently and save an abundant amount of space within your limited designated storage area.

Storage Space

One effective way to organize your axis belongings is to incorporate an organization system using totes, bags, or any other types of bins. Furthermore, there are a number of storage systems that can effectively reduce the size of many items. For example, there are a number of air removal, vacuum seal storage kits effectively reducing the size of items by upwards of 80%.

Throw out or Donate Unwanted Items

If you’ve tried to reorganize all of your items and still can’t seem to fit everything, you may want to consider throwing out items you no longer need or use. Additionally, if you feel inclined, you may want to consider donating some of your unused items to places such as Goodwill, offering a win-win scenario for everyone. When you donate to a place such as goodwill, you can receive a tax deduction and you can feel good knowing that someone will be using the items you no longer need (assuming they’re in good-standing conditions).

Consider Offsite Storage

if you’ve already tried to reorganize and cannot say farewell to any of the items that belong to you, you may want to consider purchasing off-site storage. There are a number of reputable and favored off-site storage facilities that offer an affordable and reliable solution for you to store items that you have but may cause clutter in your apartment or home. By spending a small amount of money every month, you can own an off-site storage locker that you can fill to the brim with the cluttered items currently within your home.

If you’re not sure of any local off-site storage facilities within your region, you may want to consider looking through a newspaper or using your favorite search engine to provide a few companies. For example, if I wanted to learn more about this in my local area, I would hop on Google and type in ’offsite storage service in Madison WI’ and I would immediately be given a long list of long-standing and favored storage facilities.


Although sometimes it can be difficult to get rid of items we’ve created a personal connection with, sometimes removing or reorganizing these items are the best possible solutions in order to clear space for other items you might have. Otherwise, if you said you cannot live with the idea of throwing out or donating items, be sure to check out a few local off-site storage facilities to see if this is an ideal solution for you.