Tips For Hiring Plant Equipment

Hiring plant equipment is the best approach if you just don’t have the equipment yourself for a large project that you have planned. And in most cases, renting makes more sense than buying as it is a less expensive solution and of course you don’t have the problem of long term storage. These tips for hiring plant equipment can help to make the process as smooth as possible.

Check For Availability

Finding out from a few different companies if they have the equipment you will need available during the time you will need it should be your first step. Ask the rental company how long in advance you’ll need to request the equipment and whether advance reservations are needed.

Check Condition and Age Of Equipment

An older piece of equipment is more likely to have some mechanical issue or break down completely. And of course, that isn’t what you need when you are just about to begin a big project and you are working to a deadline.

Many rental companies replace their equipment about every two years, and it’s recommended to work with a company that has that approach so you know the equipment you hire will be up to date and reliable. Don’t be afraid to request the service history of a piece of equipment; a reputable company should be able to provide these.

Verify the Level Of Support

Check with the hiring company to make sure their rates include training on the use of the equipment you’ll be hiring; to use the equipment safely and efficiently, some training will be needed. Customer service and support is important too, as at some point while you have the equipment hired, you will probably have questions or issues that arise; getting help quickly is a must.

Delivering the Equipment

Same day delivery is offered by many companies and if that is something important to you, make sure it’s an option when looking into hiring plant equipment. If not, you’ll need to know how and when the equipment will arrive at your construction site and whether delivery charges are included in your overall rental cost.

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