The Right Windows for Your Conservatory

We can depend on air conditioners to cool us down when out rooms become hot and muggy. However, they do consume a large portion of our monthly energy bills. Many times we have to keep our ACs on a specific setting rather than taking advantage of our options so we can keep costs down. Fortunately today, scientists have advanced in their technological abilities and we have a better system to draw from.

Researchers have developed a new material that has the capability of lowering our body temperature by a total of 4F. Clothes are being made that reflect the sunlight for when we take trips outdoors. This material also lets out a large amount of heat rather than being trapped inside what we’re wearing.

This is a marvelous breakthrough in clothing technology. Materials of the past were all designed to keep heat in so we could stay warm from the cold. Now we see clothing aimed at keeping us cool. For those who believe in global warming this is a much needed endeavor. A lot of these new technological materials were aimed at athletes competing in different types of events in various temperatures. The truth is, regular people need access to these materials as well.

This study was done at Stanford University. The goal was to develop a textile that was low-cost with the ability to allow body heat to escape and at the same time block both heat and light from outside. It is called the ‘nanoPE’. They published the results in the Science Journal. Those researchers that were involved with the project believe the results could mean that people who live in hot climates can actually ‘do away’ with their ACs. They should be able to at least knock their monthly energy bills way down.

By directly cooling down with offices and homes from clothing materials the amount of energy being conserved can be astronomical. We do still need more research before the implementation of this clothing material can be ‘use-ready’ on a large scale, at least for now we are on a very path. One thing for sure, air conditioning will never be needed in the same way.