The Alternative to Air Conditioning


Air conditioning units provide a source of relief, whenever it becomes hot inside a room. Their use however, can result in large monthly bills due to high energy consumption. Occupants also cannot choose individual temperature preferences, as they have to compromise on a single setting. A more advanced clothing technology is now being offered by scientists, which is considered to be better and more personalized.

Researchers claim to have developed a material that has the capability of lowering the temperature of the body, by as much as 4 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of clothing will be able to reflect sunlight, and would therefore be ideal for outdoor pursuits. It also allows the escape of a great degree of heat radiation, and prevents it from getting trapped inside.


This is indeed an incredible breakthrough in clothing technology. Previous studies were mostly aimed at the creation of materials, that could keep us warm during cold temperatures. There has not been much done until recently, to address cooling in warm environments. Much of the focus has been aimed at athletic gear, but regular people should be able to experience the benefit of this advancement.

The study was conducted at Stanford University. Their main objective was the development of a textile which was low-cost and could let body heat escape, while at the same time preventing the entrance of heat and light from outside. The study was called nanoPE, and the results were published in the Science journal. According to researchers, the project could assist persons residing in areas with hot climates, and eliminate the need for air conditioning. At the very least, this textile could improve the tolerance to heat when worn, and could also reduce the urge to turn on the AC remote.

Since people will be cooled directly, the amount spent on energy by homes and offices can potentially be reduced. If ACs are ever needed, the settings can be configured to remain on mild. Additional research is required, before this can be utilized on a large scale. The material is currently undergoing rigorous testing in varying usage scenarios.