Here Are Some DIY Tips for Carpet and Tile

pink carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tips:

You have company coming over tomorrow and your dog just had an accident in the middle of the family room, you don’t have the time or finances to call a professional. DON’T PANIC, follow these simple steps to help remove stubborn spots and pet accidents if calling a pro is not an option.

1.Use a wet vac to extract as much liquid and soil from the spill or pet accident as possible. Use as much pressure as possible to press into the spot to extract water deep inside the padding. Do not use a towel yet, which will just press it back down into the carpet.

  1. After soil extraction, treat the spot with a cleaner as specific to the spot/stain as possible. Do not use bleach and make sure to read the label of what you are using that it does not contain any bleaching agents. Gently blot the spot, do not use swirl type motions.
  2. If the stain remains, start over and pour water on the area to rinse. Do not over saturate, but do put enough to completely wet the spotted area. Use the wet vac to extract as much water as possible.


NOTE: Pretest spot treatment in inconspicuous area, if color loss or bleeding of colors occur do not continue. A small wet vac is more effective for removing spots then a towel. In some cases, leaving the new spot untreated from your home cleaning solution is best. Simply keep the stain lightly saturated with water, and call a professional. Over the counter products like Resolve can disrupt the PH balance in the carpet, in turn chemically bonding stains to the fiber.

Use these techniques at your own risk, when in doubt call an Orlando Carpet Cleaner to make sure it gets done right!

Tile Cleaning Tips:

The best way to remove dry soil from your floors…

One of your best investments may be a vacuum for your hard surface floors. Sweeping can scratch the floor surface. Plus, a broom never removes all the embedded dry soil. A good hard floor vacuum will efficiently remove more soil.

Use this trick for more effective mopping…

The biggest problem that contributes to an ugly floor is residue build-up. Do NOT overuse detergents on your floor. In fact, it may be best to use plain water with NO detergent every third time you clean. Adding more detergent will cause the floor to attract soil. NEVER use bleach. Avoid using vinegar or acidic cleaners as they degrade grout sealers. And for natural stone, vinegar will etch and ugly out the shiny appearance. Only use cleaners specifically made for tile or vinyl.

How often should you get professional maintenance?

Tile, stone, and vinyl floors require regular professional cleaning. To help it stay beautiful, consider professional cleaning every 1-2 years. To keep tile looking its best, have the grout sealed every 2-3 years. Call a tile cleaning Orlando professional for all your flooring needs.

These tips should help maintain your flooring in-between your carpet cleaning and tile cleaning services. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know, call us today 407-947-6724