Fertilizer from the Kitchen


“Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” This a question that many people who struggle to cultivate a healthy garden ask those who have mastered this art. Clearly, a beautiful green growing garden is the goal of everyone who wishes to maintain a garden, but what tips tricks and strategies can be used to create this kind of magic without draining your pockets? For those on a shoestring budget, you need not look any further than your kitchen.

Don’t Throw Those Eggshells Away

Things that may seem like the normal kitchen trash can actually be used to nourish and cultivate your garden’s soil. Eggshells and other food items that we would normally discard can provide micro-nutrients that help plants grow. These foods act as slow-release fertilizers nourishing your plants a little at a time. Consider saving fish guts, bones, and tuna, coffee grinds, and many other foods to boost your soil’s health and nutrition. Soil needs nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, and amino acids to be healthy. Green leafy vegetables and beets benefit greatly from these nutrients. These nutrients stimulate root, leaf, and flower growth. Other beneficial nutrients include sulfur, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Test Your Soil

Before you start adding food compost to your garden, you may want to test your soil to see what nutrients are lacking. This will help you to create custom blends of micro-nutrients that fit the specific needs of your soil. A soil test can be purchased for $20 and can succinctly outline your soil’s composition. Even human urine is an excellent fertilizer for plants because it is rich in nutrients and it’s free. All plants, big and small benefit from the healthy nutrient rich soil. If you have a tree that is looking a little droopy consider putting a little compost over the root area, it may help. If it doesn’t it may be a good idea to get help from Quality Tree Management Services Wharton NJ in order to save the tree.

Plants Don’t Know the Difference

If you are on a budget making your own fertilizer/compost is an excellent cost saving strategy. Your plants don’t know and don’t care where the helpful nutrients come from, they just need them to grow abundantly. Many of the items that can be used for composting are things we’d usually throw away and finding sustainable ways to reuse these items is a green earth-friendly move. Once your plants get what they need they have an awesome way of saying thank you: they grow.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to have a lush green healthy garden, just a little TLC. Take the time to get to know your soil. Find out what it needs and get to work making your own custom concoction of compost/fertilizer. Your plants will show their appreciation by growing full lush and green. Go ahead, whip up your own kitchen fertilizer.