Design Ideas When You Have A Small Bathroom

With the increasing prices of houses, It is understandable how you have to downsize from the dream home you always wanted. It is ok, the problem is, the houses you can afford only have smaller bathrooms. That is a deal breaker for some. But not for you.

A small bathroom has more chance of showing off its potential characteristic and your creativity. To help you out in your small bathroom. Here are some design Ideas that can save your small bathrooms.


Storage is one of the main problems when it comes to a small space, how can you save up a place for your bathroom essentials when there is not even enough space for your elbows?

Simple. You have to compromise the bathtub area with only a shower and save a lot of space. It has to be done. Add in some overhanging storage containers that you can reach, and there you have it. A functional and manageable bathroom with a plausible storage area.

Other people would even go the extra mile by having a toilet cover convert as a sink so that you can recycle the used water when you flush. There are also cabinets that can be placed directly on top or at the sides of that bathroom to give you more storage space in a location that does not.


If all of those things seem impossible, then the best design we could offer is a compromise. You have to decide which goes and which stays. From your shower area to the bathtub and even the cabinet that has your sink attached to it. What goes and what remains. All for the sake of having enough leg and elbow space. It is a sad suggestion. However, this does not mean you are going to feel bad entering this place. You can buff it out and doll your bathroom up to compensate for what you lack.

Making it an elegant yet straightforward bathroom is also a beautiful idea you can look into. Investing in smart toilets and pull out sinks and even resorting to those showers with detachable handles.


When it comes to designing, another suggestion would be to invest in the more ergonomic toilet seats in town. It saves a lot of space but gives you the comfort that you might need in cramped up spaces. Either way, this helps a lot when it comes to your movements, you don’t even need a tissue roll holder when you are using one. How awesome is that?

There are so many smart toilet designs that would either optimize your space or instead heighten the beauty of your small area by complimenting it.

When you are looking for designs that could make your small space a little bit more manageable. The best thing that you should consider are these three things. Functionality, Compromise, and Storage. If you can save some storage, then save it, utilize all the spaces and install cabinets around the overhead hang that your head will surely not hit.

If you are really on a pinch, do compromise, and make sure that the essential parts of the bathroom come in first. You’ll be surprised by how functional a simple bathroom has. And lastly, before putting things in, it helps when that item has more than one or even two uses.