Bathtub Plumbing – What is required

Plumbing is the core of installing a tub…… without a well plumbed bath, this can result in leaks that can affect your whole house, so if you’re not skilled in plumbing, it is advised to utilise plumbers in your area to get the help required. If you are confident in taking on a bath tub installation, read on to find a few pointers on what to do. Some of the most common mistakes that Do it Yourselfers are included for your reference.  Knowledge is POWER!

Careful planning and breaking the process into steps can keep bath tub plumbing from becoming an overwhelming task, and you will succeed at your DIY endeavour….

The most common mistakes that bathtub plumbing DIYers run into often result in additional costs. If you are going to install your own tub, keep these mishaps from happening to you:

  • Not checking and adhering to building code restrictions
  • Not using the proper tape
  • Using pipes of the wrong size (too small or too big)
  • Not turning off the water when tackling the pipes of the old bathtub

Some of these common tasks sound like “No Brainers’, but mentioning them will at least make you think, and do some research before you begin the task.

To install the bath tub, you need to install first all the needed pipes using the suitable tapes and connection. Once this is done, you will have to carefully put the tub in position. If the tub is to be installed, make sure you have nailed or screwed the tub in place and that you have anchored it properly.

The next thing to do is to mind the drainage connections. Connect the bathtub overflow into the tub drain (make sure that the drain is above the water trap).

Another tub plumbing step is to connect the hot and cold water lines to the bathtub and to the spout. Checking that these connections are secure will save you a lot of heartache in the future.

With the bathtub plumbing system in place, turn on the water so you can check for leaks.  Make sure that all is in place and that there are no leaks before moving forward with tiling or enclosing the tub.