Are wall mounted fans a good choice for low ceiling homes


The ceiling fans when they were introduced to the general public in the early 19th century especially in 1880s, the architecture was very different at that time and the houses used to have really high ceilings and these fans were designed keeping in mind the architecture of that era. There used to be very rarely any problems with the clearance as the houses used to have glamorous high ceilings.  With the advent of time when the century changed the architecture changed with it especially at the last of the 20th century the architecture changed drastically giving rise to designs with low ceilings. Modern day houses don’t have very large area enclosed nor do they have very high ceilings.

Problems experienced with ceiling fans

When the ceilings got lower the long rod suspending the ceiling fans was done off with and the ceiling fans are now suspended as much close to the ceiling as can be possible for effective working of the device.

Very much thought was poured into solving the clearance problems of the ceiling fans and especially when the fans are talked about for the children room. When it came up to a child the safety was the first concern as the fan blades can cause serious injuries due to their high angular velocity. This serious energy is when an adult is being talked about. In cases of a child it can even lead to loss of finger if they came in contact of the blades. Thus ceiling fans are too risky to install in a room with low ceilings especially when it is a room for a child.

Substitute for the ceiling fans

When the ceiling fan has been ruled out, a substitute is required because there should be a fan for the ventilation or circulation of air inside the room. The wall mounted fan presents itself as a substitute for the ceiling fan. A question arises in many minds as to what is a wall mounted fan?

To answer that, it can be simply stated that a wall mounted fan is a table fan usually with a powerful motor and inbuilt capacity for oscillation and which has been modified at the base to be able to be bolted or screwed on the wall.

The fan when compared to the ceiling fan provides everything that is required of it as an evolved substitute for a ceiling fan in a room of low ceiling. The fan as stated above has powerful motor; the blades are placed in a protective casing usually made of wire to prevent any injuries to be caused by the fan blades. The fan has an oscillation switch which enables it to cover a very wide range in circulation of air.

Thus when it is fixed on the wall it provides air to a large section of a room maybe the whole room if the room is not very big, it rules out possibility of getting hurt by the blades as these are encased within an outer covering and it has an extra feature of oscillation. These days the wall mounted fans are coming with remote and Wi-Fi controls. These fans are totally a better option than the ceiling fans in a low ceiling home.